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We know how important it is for you to make sure your child is included into the digital-age that we NOW live in. We also know that sometimes, it’s difficult to afford inclusion.

That is why Air Force K12 STEM has partnered with SW Design School, LLC to provide access to technology resources for students throughout the United States.

Together, with other partners; we are eliminating the digital-divide that is so often hindering our Urban City youth.
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Coder’s Take-Away

Students’ will gain access to an ONLINE learning platform to learn how to code. After one (1) week, students will be equipped to COMPETE for MONETARY REWARDS! Below are the skills they will learn in the boot camp. This platform is mobile-friendly so students’ CAN study at home to gain a competitive edge!


Computational thinking – Algorithms
Session 1 Planning: What is creative computing?
Planning: Defining computational design processes
Exploring: Something surprising
Reflecting: Our discoveries
Computational thinking – Problem solving
Session 2 Reflecting: Design notebook question
Creating: About me
Reflecting: My design process
Computational thinking – Abstraction
Session 3 Reflecting: Design notebook question
Connecting: My favorite song
Exploring: Programmed to dance
Reflecting: Step by step
Computational thinking – Connections
Session 4 Reflecting: Design notebook question
Creating: Dance party
Reflecting: How did you do that?
Collaboration – Tools
Session 5 Reflecting: Design notebook question
Creating: Open-ended designing (arts)
Collaboration – Endeavor
Session 6 Reflecting: Design notebook question
Connecting: Six-word story
Exploring: Performing scripts
Reflecting: All together now
Practice and programming – Learning
Session 7 Reflecting: Design notebook question
Connecting: Creature construction
Creating: Pass-it-on
Practice and programming – Tools for creation
Session 8 Reflecting: Design notebook question
Creating: Open-ended designing (stories)
Practice and programming – Programming
Session 9 Reflecting: Design notebook question
Exploring: Debug it!
Reflecting: Comparing debugging strategies
Practice and programming – Careers
Session 10 Reflecting: Design notebook question
Connecting: Games brainstorm
Creating: A-maze-ing
Community, Global, and Ethical Impacts – Responsible use
Session 11 Reflecting: Design notebook question
Creating: Maze extensions
Reflecting: Here’s what I figured out
Graphic Design - Text and Images
Text and Images Changing the Size of an image
Adding Text, Color, and Filters to Text
Understanding Layer Mask
Graphic Design - Understanding Layers
Layers and Layer Mask Creating design using multiple layers
Navigating images using layers
Applying layer mask to images to create blending affect
Graphic Design - Paths (curves)
Layers Modifying a Layers Transparency with Mask
Selective Colorization
Creating vector shapes with curves using path tool



Below you will find the list of States and the Locations that will host the Boot Camps. You will receive a confirmation letter for admittance once you are accepted into the boot camp.

Maryland Corporate Office
7481 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

 Boot Camp Hours: 10:30 AM – 3 PM

FREE HOT LUNCH Provided by
Anne Arundel County Public Schools Lunch Program until 8-18-17

Accepting 3rd – 12th graders

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District of Columbia

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New York

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New Jersey

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North Carolina

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South Carolina

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