Thank you for your Interest!

We know how important it is for you to make sure your child is included into the digital-age that we NOW live in. We also know that sometimes, it’s difficult to afford inclusion.

That is why Air Force K12 STEM has partnered with SW Design School, L3C to provide access to technology resources for students throughout the United States.

Together, with other partners; we are eliminating the digital-divide that is so often hindering our Urban City youth.
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Thomas Elementary > Thomas Elementary

Location: 650 Anacostia Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20019

Thank you for your interest in the K-12 Coders on-site after-school program. You may also pick up a copy of the enrollment application from the school. Seating is limited to 25-30 students per room. Completing an application is the first step.  Your child must be a student at this school to attend this after-school child care program. Click the link below to view and complete the application. Print the application and bring it to the school for processing.  You will receive a student folder and it must be submitted to the after-school care facilitator onsite with all necessary documents completed.


Click Here to View Student Enrollment Form

Below are links to forms you will need to complete in order for your child (ren) to attend any of the K-12 Coders programs in DC at this location. Click the link to open the file. Complete the information then PRINT the file and bring it to the on-site after-school facilitator.

It's VERY important that you understand the rules and regulations for K-12 Coders. We have a NO BULLY policy. If a child is caught violating this policy, they can be removed from the program. Please click and read the parent handbook below. We have a 15-minute orientation about the program. You will sign an acknowledgment form and submit that to the on-site after-school facilitator.



Sample Activity

Each day after school, students are separated into groups of four. They are allowed to spend 20-25 minutes in each segment to gain the skills listed below until 6 PM:


Segment 1 - Product Lab. Coders create products for their business.

Segment 2 - Computer Lab. Coders learn how to design mobile apps in SCRATCH.

Segment 3 - Competitive Corner. We use techniques to increase math skills.

Segment 4 - Design Lab. Coders will learn how to create their own clothing line with professional tools.

Segment 5 - Graphic Design. Coders will create marketing materials; business cards, flyers, social media banners and more.

Segment 6 - Robotics. Coders will build and code robots.

Segment 7 - Science Lab. Coders will build circuit boards regarding ENERGY.

Segment 8 - Coding Games. Teaches logic skills and problem-solving, and it helps kids succeed in an increasingly digital world. Coders will use hands-on interactive blocks.

Segment 9 - 3D Game Design. Coders work with a gaming design software that will allow hands-on interaction to develop their skills as a game developer.

Segment 10 - DJ Programming - Learn Beat mixing, How to mix sounds, When to mix sounds, Mixing between different musical styles, Techniques that make it easier to beat mix.

Segment 11 - Art/ Painting. Coders will paint on canvas and sell the products in Flea Market.

AFTER-SCHOOL ONLY - Cost Breakdown - Click Here to Purchase Seat
1- 2 days: $68 per week
3 days: $102 per week
4 days: $136 per week
5 days: $170 per week


Additional Fees:
Registration: $75 per child  (per year)
Early Release: $34 per day

Multi-child, Military or School Employee: 10%


Need a Discount?

You can now apply in person at one of two locations: If you are interested in enrolling in the K-12 Coders after-school program BUT need to apply for Subsidized Child Care Voucher? You can go to either of the locations listed below to apply;

1) South Capitol Street Service Center (Walk-in Service), 4001 South Capitol St SW or call at (202) 645-0420


2) Taylor St Service Center (by Appointment ONLY), 1207 Taylor St SW, or call at (202) 704-2345


Please ensure that you have all your documentation prior to going.

Necessary documents:

  • Verification of employment (3 most recent pay stubs);
  • Government-issued photo ID;
  • Birth certificate for each child (full-size only);
  • Verification of other income (i.e. SSI, Social Security benefits, TANF, child support, child support documentation, etc.);
  • Social Security card for self, spouse and children;
  • Verification of address;
  • Updated health certificate

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